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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a painless and non-invasive method used by physicians to view the human body and obtain anatomical and functional diagnostic information.

How Safe is MRI?
MRI is quite safe in the majority of patients. However, certain patients may not be able to have an MRI. These include people with implanted medical devices such as aneurysm clips in the brain, pacemakers and cochlear (inner ear) implants. Also, people with pieces of metal close to or in an important organ (such as the eye) may not be scanned.

What Happens During the Exam?
Most examinations will take 35-45 minutes. During this time, you will lie flat on a padded table. Some patients even fall asleep during the exam! While you are having your test, you may listen to our selection of CD’s or you may bring your own.

During your exam, the technologist can see and hear you at all times. The technologist is always available if assistance is needed. You will hear thumping and clicking noises while the images are being obtained. During this time, it is important not to move, as this would blur the pictures. For some exams your doctor may order an injection. This is called a “contrast agent”. It is very safe and unrelated to the iodine-based contrast used for CAT Scans / CT Scans and kidney x-rays.

Is There any Preparation Needed?
No special preparation is needed for MRI examination. Patients should wear comfortable, loose clothing and if possible avoid undergarments with metal. Watches, metal objects in pockets, and credit cards with magnetic strips will not be permitted in the MRI room. A changing room is provided so you can lock up any valuables. For certain exams you may be asked to change into scrubs top and pants or a gown. Additionally, for studies of the brain and orbits, no eye makeup or dark polish should be used.

What are the Advantages of the MRI Scan?

MRI scanners are designed to visualize non-bony parts or “soft tissue” areas such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. In particular, the brain, spinal cord and nerves are seen much more clearly with MRI than with regular x-rays and CAT Scans / CT Scans.

MRI scans are commonly used to look at knees, shoulders and spines following injuries.

What is Magnetic Resonance Angiography?
Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) is technology developed to image the blood vessels. The procedure is done in the open MRI scanner and is as painless as the MRI. This procedure gives the specialized radiologist a detailed view of the blood vessels.

How soon will my Doctor get the Results?
Specialized radiologists will read your diagnostic images and prepare a report for your physician. Your physician will have the results of your test within 2 business days.

Which Insurance Companies do you Accept?
We accept all major insurances. (Click here for a partial listing). We also submit third party billing for you. We will contact your insurance company for you to determine any pre-certification requirements or out of pocket expenses.

If your MRI exam will not be covered by insurance, please contact us to make financial arrangements that are convenient for you. We do offer day of service discounts for self-paying patients or those with high deductibles or copays.

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